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Viking Magic

Commissioner: Aaron Day
Grades: 3-6
Fees: Fees are pay as you go and as a club sport, Viking Magic is not subject to the $75 family maintenance fee
Required Forms:

  • Parental Consent (Online approval)
  • Medical Consent form
  • Concussion Info Form
  • Player Code of Conduct
  • Parent Code of Conduct

Viking Magic is a basketball dribble drill team based @ St Andrew.  Practice begins in early November.  Viking Magic practices @ 7 AM before school. The team performs at half-time of high school and college basketball games.  There are 6-8 performances and the season ends mid-February.  Younger siblings may join as the “banner squad” and participate in the shows. (A single trip to school in the morning). There are typically lots of beginners and they don’t need previous experience to make the team. New members earn their way onto the court for shows.