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Become a Coach

Every coach must complete the requirements below before coaching their first practice. Once a coach completes all of the Diocesan requirements, coaches will be issued their coaching credentials. Every coach who is on a sideline or bench must wear their credential throughout the CYO event.

    1. Complete the St. Andrew Parish Volunteer Application Process
    2. Complete the Concussion Awareness Course
    3. Complete Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) training
    4. Play Like A Champion Coaches Training (required for Head Coaches only)
    5. USA Football (Tackle and Flag football coaches only) 
    6. Complete the St. Andrew Athletic Association Coaching Application

For more information, please visit the CYO Coaching Information Page.

Age Requirements

Head Coaches

  • Grade School:21 years of age or older
  • High School: 25 years of age or older

Assistant Coaches 

  • Grade School: 21 years of age or older 
  • High School: 25 years of age or older


  • Coaches are responsible for knowing and be an example of the CYO Mission and values and the CYO Philosophy, outlined in CYO Charter Articles 2 and 3 of the CYO Charter & Bylaws.
  • Coaches are required to attend annual pre-season coaches meetings and identified training sessions.
  • Coaches are responsible for teaching the rules of the sport and the proper skills, techniques, strategies, and tactics for their sport in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Coaches are responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate fashion at practice and competitions, wearing the required credentials, and to be in accordance with Bylaw 8. 
  • Coaches are responsible for the supervision of their team at practices and competitions, as well as the conduct of their spectators at competitions.
  • Coaches must be represented at all scheduled practices, games, and other events.
  • Coaches may not hold closed practices. Parents, CYO leaders, and parish leadership may attend practices and contests and are expected to demonstrate behaviors that uphold the mission, values, and best practices of CYO.
  • It is recommended and encouraged to have women acting as head or assistant coaches in girls’ sports. When a girl’s team is coached by men only, it is required that a woman 18 years of age or older be associated with the team, and in attendance at all practices and games. In the case of a woman coaching a boys team, it is required that a man 18 years of age or older be associated with the team and be in attendance at all practices and games.