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St. Andrew Athletics is seeking a new head track and field coach

If you are looking for a rewarding way to volunteer your time for St. Andrew, the school’s track and field program is seeking a new head coach.  As the current head coach, for the past 7 years, I am stepping down.  Two of my three children have graduated from St. Andrew and all of them have been a part of the track and field program.  It is now time to plan for the next generation of leadership.  I will stay on to be the assistant coach, as will several of the current assistant coaches, until you have recruited your own staff.  The current staff is also willing to train the new head coach and new assistant coaches if needed, so there is no experience necessary.  The track and field season is held from March through May, with no activities during the Easter holiday. The weekly commitment consists of three weekly 1 ½ hour practices until the diocese track meets start, then there are only two 1 ½ hour practices per week.  There are only 5 track meets and they are always on a Saturday, no weekday competitions.  This is your chance to make a difference in our St. Andrew community by helping our track and field athletes continue to grow their successful program.  It is also a unique opportunity to coach your own children, boys, girls or both in any grade from 4th through 8th, although it is not a requirement to have children in the program.  You will also, as I have, make lasting friendships with your fellow coaches and others around the diocese.  You might even be the spark that ignites a future Olympian.

Please send an email to Joe Ryan at if interested.