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Registration Site Server Issues 2/13-2/17

Our hosting provider experienced some server hardware issues late last week which resulted in the sports registration site being down or unstable between 2/13 and 2/17.  Our site was moved to a new server on Sunday evening, which restored registration functionality.

Unfortunately,  in order perform the server move the hosting provider had to restore from a system backup that was taken on 2/13 and as a result any changes (registrations, family changes, etc.) that took place between 2/13 and 2/17 were no longer in the system.  Using payment records, in most cases we were able to restore spring sports registrations for any families that registered and paid during this time period, but as this was a manual process we would like families to confirm their sports registrations If you find you need to register your child again, before paying please let us know and we can verify payment.

Thank you for your patience and assistance in this matter.

NOTE: If you are still having trouble accessing the site, you may need to flush your DNS cache by restarting your computer or following these instructions.